Doing business in China almost always requires government support and cooperation. Sometimes the degree of government interest and influence is mercifully small. But most serious ventures touch upon issues of political concern and sensitivity. And in those instances, the viability of the venture depends upon obtaining the active support of key government officials. That support may only be needed at the local level, or it may demand approval from the province or even from the central government in Beijing. But from whatever level of government such support may be required, its absence can instantly transform a worthwhile business venture into an impossible quest. The Chinese landscape is littered with the remains of foreign ventures on which hundreds of million of dollars have been lost for want of favorable government action.
EMAX is uniquely positioned to shield its clients from such pitfalls by offering ready access to government decison makers at all levels of the Chinese political system. While we cannot guaranty favorable government action, EMAX can assure its clients of meetings with the right people who are predisposed to listen and to be helpful if possible. Client concerns and problems are addressed and resolved in ways that can only be achieved with influence exercised at the right place and time. This is what EMAX is able to provide. By itself, access or influence may not guaranty the success of the client's venture, but the absence of such advantages will almost certainly lead to failed expectations.
To better understand how EMAX is able to provide such high-level access, please review the background of EMAX co-founder,
Ms. Ji Dongning, in the PRINCIPALS and ABOUT US sections.