EMAX works with clients seeking to establish manufacturing operations in China. Perhaps the client prefers to purchase or partner with an existing manufacturer. A joint venture with a Chinese partner offers the most advantages when doing business in China, and EMAX has the means of identifying interested and qualified prospective partners.
On the other hand, EMAX can assist a client in starting with a clean sheet of paper and either buying newly constructed factory buildings or building their own from scratch. But in either case, the process of start-up is complex and filled with challenges. There are labor issues, supply issues, but most especially there are cultural issues, all of which need to be addressed from a Chinese perspective.
Clients need to understand the current climate affecting direct foreign investment. They need to know in which provinces and cities incentives may still be available to help underwrite their costs. Being able to knowledgably navigate these waters is what EMAX offers its clients. Local connections are essential, and EMAX is able to tap into an extraordinary network of contacts at all levels of government. It is these connections which allow EMAX to assist clients in cutting through the red tape that can all too easily cripple the most promising of projects.